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Artist Title Label & Description Price  
Page Larry 7" Jo Jo/Waltzing To Jazz Cal 126 WLP NA/VG++ $8.00 Buy Now
Paige Randy 7" That's My Desire/Down On The Corner 20th 465 Promo NA/NM $8.00 Buy Now
Parkays 7" Late Date/Get It ABC 10242 WLP NA/NM wol $8.00 Buy Now
Parker Junior 7" Foxy Devil Duke D 357 ProLbl NA/VG++ $10.00 Buy Now
Parks Michael Lost & Found Ver V6 5079 WLP VG++/NM $10.00 Buy Now
Parliament re Incorporated Thang Band/Lifestyles of the Roach & Famous WB 9256171 ProStmp NM/VG++ $15.00 Buy Now
Parsons Gram Hickory Wind From Houston 1973 w/Emmylou Harris+Burritos Ind No# Live Houston TX'73+Emmylou OGWT'77+FBB Promos'70 1DVD $9.99 Buy Now
Partridge Family Sound Magazine Bell 6064 WLP wobc VG++/VG++ $40.00 Buy Now
Partridge Family re Danny Bonaduce/Danny Bonaduce MGM LN 1015 WLP Sealed $75.00 Buy Now
Patrick Fannom 7" Eva/Only Time Will Tell Swa 4144 WLP NA/VG++ $8.00 Buy Now
Patterson Bobby 7" Right On/If You Took Pau 352 WLP NA/VG $7.00 Buy Now
Paul & Paula Hey Paula/Bobby Is The One Phi 40084 WLP 17" NA/VG++ $8.00 Buy Now
Payne Freda Out Of Payne Comes Love ABC D-901 WLP 1LP VG++/NM $15.00 Buy Now
Persuaders 7" Bad Bold & Beautiful Girl ATCO 456919 WLP NA/NM $5.00 Buy Now
Persuaders 7" Bad Bold & Beautiful Girl ATCO 6919 WLP NA/NM $7.00 Buy Now
Persuaders 7" If This Is What You Call Love/Mono Version Win 222 WLP NA/NM $8.00 Buy Now
Persuaders 7" Some Guys Have All The Luck ATCO 6943 WLP NA/NM $7.00 Buy Now
Petty Tom 12" Make It Better MCA L 3317007 Promo NM/NM $10.00 Buy Now
Petty Tom Inside Tom Petty DIR Special '81 RadioPro 3LP NA/VG++ $40.00 Buy Now
Petty Tom et al Traveling Wilburys/Whatever Wilbury Wilbury Ind No# Videos/Promos/Interviews DVD $9.99 Buy Now
Pink Floyd Into The Vault Ind No# Atlanta Promo Videos 1987+Versailles France Promo '88+UK '69+KQED 4/29/70 DVD $9.99 Buy Now
Pink Floyd KQED Seven T Ind No# Atom Heart Mother B'cast+PromoVideos 1968 DVD $9.99 Buy Now
Pink Floyd Let's Roll Another One Ind No# Rare Live Promos et al 1966-72 2DVD $14.99 Buy Now
Pink Floyd Ultimate Anthology V.1 Ind No# 1966-1973 Live + TV + Promos DVD $9.99 Buy Now
Pink Floyd Ultimate Anthology V.2 Ind No# 1972-1980 Live + TV + Promos + Backdrop Films DVD $9.99 Buy Now
Pink Floyd Video Anthology 1966-1983 Ind No# EarlyPromosToFinalCut 3DVD $24.99 Buy Now
Pink Floyd Video Anthology V.2 1968-1973 Ind No# Live+Promos+Film Apps 1DVD $9.99 Buy Now
Pink Floyd Video Anthology V.3 1972-1977 Ind No# Live+Promos+Rare 1972-1977 1DVD $9.99 Buy Now
Pink Floyd Visual History Ind No# 70-84 Promo + DVD $9.99 Buy Now
Pink Floyd et al Sounds Of The Sixties! (BBC Four) Ind No# Live/TV Apps/Promos/Outtakes 2DVD $14.99 Buy Now
Pink Floyd et al Zabriskie Point MGM SE 4668 ProLbl VG++/VG+ $20.00 Buy Now
Pink Floyd re David Gilmour/David Gilmour Col JC 35388 WLPwTs NM/VG++ $20.00 Buy Now
Pink Floyd re David Gilmour/Video Anthology Ind No# Live+Promos 1978-1985 DVD $9.99 Buy Now
Pink Floyd re Richard Wright/Wet Dream Col JC 35559 WLPwTs VG+/VG+ $20.00 Buy Now
Pink Floyd re Roger Waters/Video Anthology Ind No# Live+promos 1980's-1990's DVD $9.99 Buy Now
Playmates 7" Little Miss Stuck-Up/Real Life Rou R 4322 WLP NA/VG++ wol $8.00 Buy Now
Playmates 7" Rose and a Star/Bachelor Flat Rou R 4417 WLP NA/NM wol $8.00 Buy Now
Playmates 7" Wait for Me/Eyes of Angel Rou R 4276 WLP NA/VG+ sol $6.00 Buy Now
Pop Iggy 12" Bang Bang+3 Ari SP 115 PromoOnly NM/NM $10.00 Buy Now
Poppies Lullaby Of Love Epi LN 24200 ProStkr coh VG++/NM $100.00 Buy Now
Powell Bobby 7" Do Something For Yourself/It's Getting Late In The Evening Whit 715 WLP NA/NM $10.00 Buy Now
Powell Bobby 7" I Care/Have A Good Time Whit 729 WLP NA/NM $10.00 Buy Now
Power Jamie 7" She Don't Know/Love's Gonna Go Jam 1299 WLP NA/VG+ $6.00 Buy Now
Prater Dave 7" Love Business/Keep My Fingers Crossed Als 4596 WLP NA/VG++ $10.00 Buy Now
Presley Elvis Elvis RCA LPM 1382 ProStmp VG+/VG++ $150.00 Buy Now
Presley Elvis Elvis:Memories Mic ASP 1003 Promo Sealed $150.00 Buy Now
Presley Elvis Jailhouse Rock RCA RPL 2042 JpnwOBI Sample NM/NM $25.00 Buy Now
Presley Elvis et al 7" Highlighter RCA SPA 737 EP PromoOnly NA/VG+ $40.00 Buy Now
Preston Johnny 7" She Belonged To Me Mer 71865 WLP NA/VG++ $10.00 Buy Now
Pretenders 12" Show Me/Time The Avenger Sire PROA 2128 PromoOnly NM/NM $5.95 Buy Now
Pretenders 12" Space Invaders+5 RR SAM 117 UK PromoOnly VG++/VG++ $12.00 Buy Now
Pretenders Video History V. 1 Ind No# 1979-81 Promos Interviews Videos Live DVD $9.99 Buy Now
Pretenders Video History V. 2 Ind No# 1982-84 Promos Interviews Videos Live DVD $9.99 Buy Now
Pretenders Video History V. 3 Ind No# 1985-93 Promos Interviews Videos Live DVD $9.99 Buy Now
Pretenders Video History V. 4 Ind No# 1994-99 Promos Interviews Videos Live DVD $9.99 Buy Now
Price Lloyd 7" Be A Leader/'Nother Fairy Tale Par 10288 WLP NA/NM wol $7.00 Buy Now
Price Lloyd 7" Grass Will Sing (For You)/I Understand Tur TT 501 Promo NA/NM $8.00 Buy Now
Prince 7" Anotherlove/same Pai 728620 ProLbl NA/NM $5.00 Buy Now
Prince 7" Sign of the/same Pai 728389 ProLbl NA/NM $5.00 Buy Now
Prince Royal Vision V. 1 Ind No# Promo Video 1978-1984 DVD $9.99 Buy Now
Prinze Freddie Looking Good Col PC 33562 wTs VG++/NM $10.00 Buy Now
Procol Harum Conquistador Ind No# Promos+Live TV UK Germany DVD $9.99 Buy Now
Pryor Snooky Do It If You Want To Blu BLS 6076 ProStk, WLP VG+/NM $18.00 Buy Now
Prysock Arthur 7" I Must Be Doing/Young Runaways Ver VK 10620 Promo NA/NM $7.95 Buy Now
Pyramids 7" What Is Love?/Shakin' Fit Vee VJ 489 Promo NA/NM $20.00 Buy Now
Queen Show Must Go On Promo Collection Ind No# 32 Promo Clips 1974-1993 DVD $9.99 Buy Now
R.E.M. 12" Talk About the Passion/Catapult+Sitting Still IRS SP 70968 ProLbl NM/NM $7.95 Buy Now
R.E.O. Speedwagon Life as We Know It Epic E26 2640 PromoOnly 2LP NM/NM $10.00 Buy Now
Raitt Bonnie 7" Too Long At the Fair/Under the Falling Sky WB WB 7645 WLP NA/NM $7.00 Buy Now
Raitt Bonnie Streetlights WB BS 2818` ProStkr VG++/NM $7.95 Buy Now
Rambeau Eddie 7" My Four Leaf Clover Love/Anonymous Flowers Swa 4105 WLP NA/VG+ wol $7.00 Buy Now
Rambeau Eddie et al 7" Marcy Jo/Car Hop And Hard Top/Lover's Medley Swa 4145 WLP NA/NM $15.00 Buy Now
Ramsay Stu Dobro Banjo Guitar Harmonica MG 20775 ProStmp 1LP NM/NM $20.00 Buy Now
Ramsey Robert 7" Like It Stands/Take A Look In Your Mind Kent 4552 WLP NA/NM $15.00 Buy Now
Ran-Dells 7" Forgive Me Darling/Martian Hop Cha 4403 WLP NA/NM $15.00 Buy Now
Randi Don At The Baked Potato Pop PYS 5701 ProStmp VG++/VG++ $10.00 Buy Now
Rascals Search & Nearness Atl SD 8276 WLP bb VG++/NM $15.00 Buy Now
Rascals Search & Nearness Atl SD 8276 ProStkr VG+/NM $15.00 Buy Now
Rascals Young Rascals V.1 1965-7 Ind No# TV apps Hullabaloo+Where The Action Is+Ed Sullivan+Mike Doublass+Promos Best Rascals Comp Yet 1DVD $9.99 Buy Now
Rascals re Cavaliere/Destiny Bea BR 6958 ProLbl NM/NM $10.00 Buy Now
Raspberries re Eric Carmen/Television Rarities Ind No# Live TV Promos 1975-Present DVD $9.99 Buy Now
Rawls Lou Cap SU 1824 JbxEP Promo NM/VG++ $15.00 Buy Now
Ray Nancy 7" Growing Up Too Fast/You're Nobody 'Til Somebody Loves You Col CP 634 WLP NA/NM $10.00 Buy Now
Reed Nancy Nancy Reed Atl 81717 ProStmp NM/NM $7.95 Buy Now
Reparata 7" w/ Hash Brown/A Summer Thought/He's The Greatest Wor 1057 WLP NA/NM $15.00 Buy Now
Replacements Last Best Band Of The 80's Ind No# Live/Rare/TV apps/Promos/1986-1991 2DVD $14.99 Buy Now
Replacements Ultimate Media Collection Ind No# TV apps Live Promos 1986-91 2DVD $14.99 Buy Now
Revere Paul 7" Blue Fox/Steppin' Out Col 443375 RadioOnly NA/VG+ $15.00 Buy Now
Revere Paul Video Collection Ind No# Exhaustive Promos/TV/Live Rarities 1960's-1997 3DVD $19.99 Buy Now
Reynolds Debbie et al Charlotte's Web Par PAS 1008 ProStkr VG++/VG++ $10.00 Buy Now
Rich Charlie et al For the Love of Benji Epic KSE 34867 wTs NM/NM $7.95 Buy Now
Richard Cliff 7" Questions/Interview WW TAP PR #1 ProLbl NA/VG+ $20.00 Buy Now
Richards Johnny Something Else By Bet BCP 6011 ProStmp VG++/VG++ $20.00 Buy Now
Ricks Jimmy 7" Girl Of My Dreams/Glow Worm Mai 625 WLP NA/NM $10.00 Buy Now
Riddle Nelson 7" Matinee/Theme from "New Girl" Cap F 3717 WLP NA/NM wol $10.00 Buy Now
Riddle Nelson Great Gatsby Par PAS 23001 WLP 2LP coh NM/NM $15.00 Buy Now
Rio Chuck 7" Margarita/C'est La Vie Jac 48016 WLP NA/NM $30.00 Buy Now
Robbins Marty Song of the Islands Col CL 1087 WLP VG+/VG+ $20.00 Buy Now
Robinson J.P. 7" Don't Take My Sunshine/Same (Mono) Atc 6845 WLP NA/VG++ $10.00 Buy Now
Robinson Smokey re 7" Miracles/Crazy About the La La La Tam T 54206 F WLP NA/VG++ $10.00 Buy Now

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