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How to Sell Records to Saturn

Saturn Records can buy your record collection, or particular items through the mail. Here's how!

If you already have an exhaustive list of items made at this stage, and wish for our transaction to be based on the contents of that list, then either e-mail, fax: (510) 407-0358 (if under 9 pages), or post the list to us. The list should include the following information concerning each item:

  1. Artist
  2. Title
  3. Name of record company and catalog #
  4. Country of origin if not U.S.
  5. Condition of record as estimated by you, preferably consistent with our Grading Standards.

For prolific artists whose work remained in print for several years (such as the Beatles), even the above information will not be detailed enough to distinguish a $4 common issue record from a $40 collector's item record. Just do your best according to your knowledge in distinguishing each item from other similar issues. We will request more information if necessary.

We will contact you by phone or email to discuss more specifics with you, including whether

  1. we will travel to your location to evaluate the collection,
  2. we will make an offer from the information at hand, or
  3. we will request that you send us the records to evaluate in our offices.

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