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How to Search for Records on our Site

Compound Searches
To make a COMPOUND SEARCH in which a number of artists comes up on one list, follow the example shown below:

Let's say you only collect Curtis Mayfield, Jethro Tull, Led Zeppelin, Enoch Light And The Light Brigade, and The Runaways. This is all you want to see today.

Put the following in the search window:
"Mayfield Curtis" "Jethro Tull" "Led Zeppelin" "Light Enoch" Runaways

Change the "Options" from the default "Must Match All" to "Match Any", and click "Search". Your list will appear with all the records in our stock of these four artists on one list.

NOTE: Our artists are listed last-name-first. Sur names that are fictional or do not refer to actual musicians are entered first-name-first, such as "Jethro Tull". Single name entries, such as "Runaways", do not require quotations.

Highly Specific Searches
To make a HIGHLY SPECIFIC SEARCH, in which each listing returned must satisfy multiple requirements, follow the example shown below:

Let's say you want to make a list of records by Charles Munch conducting Beethoven on the RCA label in stereo only!

Put the following in the search window:
Munch Beethoven RCA LSP

Make sure that "Must Match All" is selected. Check "artist", "title, "label", and "description" in the "Fields To Search" option, and click search.

NOTE: "LSP" was the label prefix for stereo in the era that Munch was recording. You would've had to have known this. That's why this is called the "advanced search" page!

Searching for a Single Artist
INDIVIDUAL ARTISTS: If the artist uses a proper name, type in only the last name. If the last is name common, enter both first name and last name, separated by a space. (Use the default search setting "Must match all".)

GROUPS: If the artist is named as a group (such as "The Who", or "Dave Dee Dozy Beaky Mick & Tich") use the fewest words and the most distinctive aspect of the name. In the case of "The Who", we do not use articles such as "the" in our Artist listings, so enter only "Who", though you will likely get the "Guess Who" also. (Such is life!) "Dave Dee Dozy Beaky Mick & Tich" is so long, we would surely have to abbreviate it; so try just the first distinctive words. In this case, "Dave Dee" should suffice.

Searching for an Album or Song Title
In the search window, type either the most unusual word, or basic key phrase in the title. Words closer to the Beginning of a long title are more likely to be matchable due to space limitations in our entries. For a song title such as "When The Red Red Robin Comes Bob Bob Bobbin' Along", enter "Red Robin".

NOTE: If you weren't sure if "Robin" had one "b" or two, you could type "Red Rob" and click the "Match Substrings" in the "Options" settings. The "Match Substrings" option allows you to use word fragments to find a match to words that contain that fragment.

Searching for a Specific Label or Labels
Change the "Fields to Search" from the default settings to only "Label".

Next, choose the sort order. If you want all your "Blue Note" or "Mercury" label LP's in numerical order, then make the "Description" field the first sort priority. Otherwise, the default setting will sort by artist.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Nearly all label names on this site are abbreviated to just the first three letters of the first word of the label name. Below are listed the exceptions which are either companies known by their initials, companies whose names contain punctuation or non-letter symbols, such as "A&M", or companies for which a fourth letter designation has been added because they shared their first three letters with another company's name. Abbreviations Guide For Label Names Not Conforming To Standard 3 Letter Protocol:

Abbreviation Label Company
A&M Alpert Music
ABC American Broadcasting Company
ATCO Atlantic Company
BV Buena Vista
CBS (UK) Columbia Broadcasting System (UK issues Only)
Colg Colgems
Colp Colpix
EMI Electrical & Musical Industries
GNP Gene Norman Presents, Crescendo, et al
MGM Metro Goldwyn Mayer
Pold Polydor
Polg Polygram
RCA Radio Corporation of America
RSO Robert Stigwood Organization
20th 20th Fox Records (later, 20th Century Fox Records)
WB Warner Brothers

Searching for Distinguishing Characteristics
(Such As Quads, Picture Discs, Sealed Items, Etc.)
Browse the Abbreviations List. Choose the abbreviation(s) which apply to the particulars of your interest. For example, collectors of quadraphonic items will note that, not surprisingly, these items are abbreviated in the description field as "Quad".

Change the "Fields to Search" from the default settings to only "description" and "title".

Enter the appropriate abbreviation in the search window and click "search". Searching for Classical Items NOTE: if you want a single list which combines, say, "Quad", and "HSM" (Half-Speed Masters), then you may put both in the search window, and change to "Match Any" in the sort options. If you want ONLY Half-Speed Masters that are also in Quadraphonic sound, then put both in the search window, and leave the default "Match all".

NOTE: Nearly all classical composers and performers are listed in the Artist and Title Fields by last name ONLY. Search only for last name when you are searching for a composer or performer in the classical genre.

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