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Guide to Abbreviations: Alphabetical

10"LP 10" LP
2Tk 12-Track Tape (open reel)
4-78set 78 Box set with 4 discs
4Tk 4-Track Tape (open reel)
7" 7" single
7"EP 7"EP
78rpm 78 disc
8Tk 8-Track Tape Cartridge
bb BB hole
bk Book
BluVnl Blue Vinyl
cc Cut corner
ClrVnl clear or colored (unspecified) vinyl
coh Slice or cut-out nick (same as cut-out hole for simplicity's sake)
coh Cut-out hole
dbx dbx encoded disc
DirDsc Direct to Disc
Fra France
Ger Germany
GF Gatefold Jacket (only used for an LP with a gatefold jacket, if and only if it is known that an alternate version exists which didn't have the GF.)
GrnVnl Green Vinyl
H2O Water Stain (From the libraire du Jacques Costeau)
HSM 1/2 speed master
Ind Independent (designating REC0RD-ABLE CD or DVD product)
ins insert(s)
Ita Italy
Jpn Japan
MultiClrVnl Multi-Color Vinyl
OMR Original Master Recording
OrngVnl Orange Vinyl
PicDsc Picture Disc
ProLbl Promo Label (Label is PRINTED "promo", or "demo" not merely stickered or rubber stamped)
ProStkrLbl Promo Sticker on Lbl
pstr Poster
Quad Quadraphonic pressing
Quiex Quiex II
RedVnl Red Vinyl
sdtk Soundtrack
Stkr Promo Sticker on Cover or Shrink Wrap
testpress Test Pressing
Thms Themes
tos Tape on seam or spine (only for 6" or more of tape or for a smaller but grotesque tape-job)
UK Great Britain
V.2 Volume 2
w/stkr or wStkr Sticker on cover (refers to an official advertisement sticker, not a price tag, etc.)
w/ts with promo timing strip
w/OBI with OBI strip (characteristic ribbon on Japanese Lps and a few US LPs)
WhtVnl White
WLP White Label Promo (Label color is usually a custom black on white variation for promos)
WLPw/ts WLP with timing strip
wobc Writing on back cover
woc Writing on front cvr or front AND back
wol Writing on label

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