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Ordering Information

Our Guarantee
If you are unsatisfied with condition, your cash will be refunded.*

International and Domestic Ordering Instructions
Our order processing software will calculate the postage and total your bill on the screen before you approve and submit your order. We employ secure server technology to encrypt and protect your credit card information as it travels over the internet. We are confident that this is a safe way to go, but if you still do not wish to include your credit information, then you may print out your order form and mail (with a self addressed stamped envelope), fax, or e-mail it to us with your check (domestic orders only), money order, or card payment arrangement. Of course you can call the store during business hours (after 11am PST everyday) and place your order over the phone if you prefer.

The postage calculation is based on the approximate weight per format as programmed into our software and the shipping instructions that you specify from the check-out pull-down menu. All orders to most countries can be insured.

Please note: The items offered in our listings are unique items that may be subject to prior sale. However, our listings are updated every two weeks, so you should be able to acquisition most if not all of your ordered items. If you order multiple items, but less than a complete fill is possible when your order is received, we will process the partial order unless instructed otherwise by you. For check and money order payments, we will send a partial refund check with your merchandise or a full refund with your SASE.

If you require more detailed information about the calculation of our postage rate schedule, or wish to place your order by email instead of through our software, please direct your order/inquiry to our mailroom.

Et Tu Taxus Franchisis
Orders within our great golden state of California must add 8.25% sales tax (but living here's worth it! -- don't you think?)

Regarding inquiries: We can verify that an item is still in stock, but WE DO NOT ACCEPT RESERVES . Feel free to email or send (with an SASE) your want lists (please list specific items and artists when possible.)

Your Order is Secure With Us
We use an appache SSL secure server in order to guarantee that your personal information and credit card numbers are kept safe. When you see the key or lock sign on your browser, you will know that the form you are sending will be encrypted before it is sent to us. For additional security, your credit card numbers are encrypted using PGP before they are stored on our server or transmitted to our store. If you would like more information on Internet security, read the WWW Security FAQ.

International Orders Only
All parcels are insured and guaranteed only if you choose the option to insure during the ordering process. There are a few countries for which insurance cannot be purchased from the U.S. Post Office, such as Mexico and the Middle East. (Orders sent to any country for which US postal insurance is unavailable are not guaranteed.) We will send parcels uninsured at your request, but we cannot guarantee mailings sent without insurance. When shipping preference is not specified over the phone or in a fax, for example, it will be assumed that 1st class/airmail uninsured is wished. We STRONGLY advise that if you are inquiring by international postal-mail or fax about the availability of items, that you include credit card information and purchase instructions to ensure your acquisition of available items. Phone 7 days per week after 12:00 a.m. (PST) (510) 407-0358, or FAX anytime (510) 407-0358 or email

*However, the contents of a sealed item are not guaranteed unless you state at the time of your order that you wish for us to break the seal so that we may check that item's condition.

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