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About Saturn Records

Saturn Records opened its doors to the public in Oakland, California in September of 1992. Previously, it had been a mail-order-only house based for several years in San Francisco.

There are tremendous advantages to being located in Oakland. Like its neighbor, Berkeley, Oakland continues to be a cultural "melting pot"; a perennial mecca for tastes diversities. As a happy result, a broad spectrum of vintage material is excavated in this area.

As collector's ourselves, we are interested in all genres of music. We are acutely interested in both time-tested classics of all genres as well as the esoteric, rare and unique artifacts of each. As such, we have evolved into a general record store in the sense that we do not limit the scope of our merchandise to any particular musical genres and we don't practice any elitism, i.e. we do not discriminate items by their resale value, and are pleased to feature excellent items under ten dollars side by side with some of the most highly prized items in the hobby. We are interested in getting the music to people that appreciate it, particularly lovers of vinyl, regardless of their budget.

We at Saturn emphasize the appreciation of records and memorabilia as artifacts, "period pieces" if you will, in addition to their musical content. Rather than offering a catalog of contemporary reissues and other items readily available through mass marketing, or as "limited edition" collectibles, our specialty for LP's and 45's is in original-issues and exotic, foreign or promotional period editions. In our effort to continually evolve, we have added an expansive selection of CD's and DVD's of out-of-print or otherwise unavailable music which we offer as an archiving service for collectors.

Also, we will offer our on-line music magazine, "The Intimate Mood Quarterly" as a forum for discussion of issues pertinent to collectors and music lovers in addition to our regular staff-generated articles and in formation.

Please feel free to email us at We will be happy to answer any questions you have or receive any comments and suggestions. For those who are interested in directions to our physical store, we have provided our operating hours and a map for space travelers and Earth dwellers to find us. Follow this link for more information about our beautiful home, the great golden state of California.

We hope the site will be entertaining for you. As Willy Wonka said before the wondrous boat ride, "You're going to love this -- just love it!"

Staff of Saturn Records.


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