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Artist Title Label & Description Price  
Abba re Janne Schaffer/Katharsis CBS 81142 Holl VG+/VG+ $7.95 Buy Now
Abba re Lindh/Cous Cous Met DIX 3001 Sealed $7.95 Buy Now
Acqua Fragile Mass-Media Stars Imp IMP 1005 Jpn wIns NM/VG+ $20.00 Buy Now
Amon Duul II Flowers Of The Orient Ind No# Reunion Tour Documentary 1996+Bonus 70's Live DVD $9.99 Buy Now
Amon Duul II Pyragony X Nova 622890 Ger DieCutCvr NM/NM $25.00 Buy Now
Amon Duul II Utopia Ind No# BBC 73 Outs CD $11.99 Buy Now
Amon Duul II Wolf City UA UAG 29406 Ger 1LP UK Jacket NM/VG++ $40.00 Buy Now
Amon Duul II et al Krautrock V.1 w/Guru Guru+Can+Kin Ping Meh+Kraftwerk+Frumpy et al Ind No# Live Videos 1970-71 1DVD $9.99 Buy Now
Amon Duul II et al This Is Kraut V.1 w/Xhol+Caravan+Tangerine Dream+Eloy+Kraftwerk+Popol Vuh+Guru Guru et al Ind No# Live+TVapps 1968-1978+Bonus79-2005 1DVD $9.99 Buy Now
Ange Ego Est An Vermeil Ind No# Live 75+76 CD $11.99 Buy Now
Ange Fou Tre 310182 Fra NM/NM $20.00 Buy Now
Ange Le Cimetiere Des Arlequins PHi 9101022 Fra NM/VG++ $25.00 Buy Now
Ange Par Les Fils De Mandrin Phi 9101090 Fra NM/VG++ $20.00 Buy Now
Arti + Mestieri Tilt Cra CRSLP 5501 Ita VG++/NM $30.00 Buy Now
Ashra re Uli Roth/Historic Performances V.1+2 Ind No# Live Amsterdam+Sweden+UK 1979-1983 DVD $9.99 Buy Now
Atoll Eggman C'est Fini Ind No# Tokyo 6/89 2CD $14.99 Buy Now
Atomic Rooster Metal Dawn Ind No# BBC 70-72+Rarities CD $11.99 Buy Now
Aviator Aviator Har SHSP 4096 UK VG+/VG++ $15.00 Buy Now
Ayers Kevin re Canterbury Tapes Ind No# BBC w/Caravan+Hatfield&North 2CD $14.99 Buy Now
Banco Beginning Banco Story Ind No# Modena Italy12/27/70 CD $11.99 Buy Now
Banco Garofano Rosso Man MAL 2014 Ita NM/NM $25.00 Buy Now
Barclay James Harvest Berlin A Concert For Pol 2383 638 Ger NM/VG++ $15.00 Buy Now
Barclay James Harvest Eyes of the Universe Pold PD 6267 NM/NM $7.95 Buy Now
Barclay James Harvest Gone to Earth MCA 2302 NM/NM $7.95 Buy Now
Barclay James Harvest Live Tapes Pold PODV 2001 UK 2LP NM/VG++ $25.00 Buy Now
Barclay James Harvest Octoberon Pold 2442144 UK NM/NM $15.00 Buy Now
Barclay James Harvest Ring Of Changes Pold POLH 3 UK PicDsc wBonus45 NM/NM $20.00 Buy Now
Barclay James Harvest Time Honoured Ghosts Pold 2383361 UK NM/NM $15.00 Buy Now
Barclay James Harvest Victims Of Circumstance Pol POLD 5135 UK NM/NM $15.00 Buy Now
Bardens Peter Write My Name in the Ver FTS 3091 VG++/NM $15.00 Buy Now
Barrabas Barrabas Col SCP 510 VG++/NM $50.00 Buy Now
Batt Mike et al Tarot Suite Epic 36312 Promo VG++/NM $10.00 Buy Now
Bedford David Odyssey Vir V 2070 UK wIns NM/NM $20.00 Buy Now
Berlin Jeff Champion Pas PJ 88004 coh VG++/NM $7.95 Buy Now
Birth Control et al Krautrock V.5 w/Popol Vuh+Gift+Atlantis+Joy Unlimited+Kraftwerk+Scorpions et al Ind No# Live Videos 1971-1974 1DVD $9.99 Buy Now
Brett Paul Interlife RCA PL 25149 UK NM/NM $15.00 Buy Now
Brown Arthur 7" Nightmare/I Put a Spell On You Tra 452582 NA/NM dh $10.00 Buy Now
Brown Arthur Crazy World Of (Track Record Ind No# Live 68-71+ CD $11.99 Buy Now
Brown Arthur Dance Gul lGU 6405S1 VG++/NM $7.95 Buy Now
Brown Arthur et al Glastonbury Faire w/ Terry Reid Fairport Convention Traffic et al Ind No# Glastonbury UK 6/20-24/71 DVD $9.99 Buy Now
Buckethead Transmutation Ind No# Live Philadelphia Pa 4/10/2004 DVD $9.99 Buy Now
Camel Another Factor Ind No# Germany 76 CD $11.99 Buy Now
Camel Moon Dance Ind No# UK 77+Japan 80 CD $11.99 Buy Now
Camel Moonmadness Nova 622500 Ger VG++/VG+ $10.00 Buy Now
Can Complete Rare Films Ind No# Live TV+Promon+WDF German TV Documentary 1970's 1DVD $9.99 Buy Now
Can Delay 1968 Mute 69062 $14.95 Buy Now
Can Free Concert Ind No# Live 1972+Bonus Interviews+Live 1DVD $9.99 Buy Now
Can Future Days & Past Nights Ind No# Live 5/17/75 CD $11.99 Buy Now
Can Germany 1976 Ind No# Hannover Ger 4/11/76 CD $11.99 Buy Now
Can Great Britain 1977 Ind No# Aston UK 3/4/77 CD $11.99 Buy Now
Can Mother Sky Ind No# Berlin 6/71 CD $11.99 Buy Now
Can Radio Waves Ind No# BBCGermanTV' 69-72 CD $11.99 Buy Now
Can Unopened Ind No# Outs 69-69 CD $11.99 Buy Now
Can Video Chronicles - European TV Compilation Ind No# Live Cologne Germany 1972+Documentary 1DVD $9.99 Buy Now
Can et al Krautrock V.3 w/Atlantis+Kraan+Holderlin+Eloy+Novalis et al Ind No# Live Videos 1973-1979+2005 Bonus 1DVD $9.99 Buy Now
Capability Brown Voice Pas PPSD 98004 VG+/VG++ $10.00 Buy Now
Caravan Blind Dog at St. Dun Ari AL 4088 WLP VG+/NM $7.95 Buy Now
Caravan Blind Dog At St. Dunstan's Ari AL 4088 VG++/NM $7.95 Buy Now
Caravan Cunning Stunts BTM BT 2 VG+/NM $7.95 Buy Now
Caravan For Girls Who Grow Plump Lon XPS 637 VG/VG+ $7.95 Buy Now
Caravan If I Could Do It All Over Again Id Do It All Over You Dec SKL 5052 VG+/VG+ $15.00 Buy Now
Caravan Living In The Grey & Pink Ind No# Live 70-71 CD $11.99 Buy Now
Caravan New Symphonia Der SMLR 1110 UK NM/NM $25.00 Buy Now
Centipede Septober Energy RCA CPL 25042 VG++/NM $40.00 Buy Now
Chadbourne Eugene et al Shockabilly/Live...Just Beautiful Shi 27 NM/VG++ $20.00 Buy Now
Christmas Keith Brighter Day Man MA 6503S1 ProStmp woc VG+/NM $10.00 Buy Now
Cohen Linda Angel Alley Tom 7010 NM/NM $10.00 Buy Now
Cohen Linda Leda Pop PYS 5702 cc/sobc NM/NM $20.00 Buy Now
Colosseum Valentine Live Ind No# Live US CD $11.99 Buy Now
Colosseum Walkin' In The Park Ind No# Austria 11/2/69 CD $11.99 Buy Now
Coyne Kevin Blame It On The Night Vir V 2012 1LP VG++/NM $20.00 Buy Now
Cream re Baker Gurvitz Army/Time Around Ind No# BBC 76 CD $11.99 Buy Now
Cybotron Colossus Cha CHA 7004 Aus VG+/NM $20.00 Buy Now
Earth Opera Earth Opera Ele EKS 74016 cc NM/NM $20.00 Buy Now
Eela Craig One Niter Ver 6360635 Ger NM/NM $40.00 Buy Now
Egg Step Back To The Egg Ind No# London 70+73 CD $11.99 Buy Now
Ekseption Ekseption Phi PHS 600334 coh VG++/NM $15.00 Buy Now
Electric Sun Fire Wind Bra 0060378 UK VG++/VG++ $15.00 Buy Now
Electric Sun Uli Jon Roth - Historic Performances V.1+2 Ind No# Live Europe 1979-1983+Japan Intrvw 2001 1DVD $9.99 Buy Now
Emerson Lake & Palmer 1972 American Tour Ind No# Live Long Beach Ca 7/28/1972 2CD $14.99 Buy Now
Emerson Lake & Palmer Brain Salad Surgery Man MC 66669 wBk & Pstr VG+/NM $10.00 Buy Now
Emerson Lake & Palmer Nebula Ind No# NY 8/13/72 2CD $14.99 Buy Now
Emerson Lake & Palmer Pictures At An Exhibition Ind No# Concert Feature Film DVD $9.99 Buy Now
Emerson Lake & Palmer Slippin' On A Fanfare Ind No# New Haven CT 11/30/77 2CD $14.99 Buy Now
Emerson Lake & Palmer Tarkus Ind No# Live Japan + Isle Of Wight 1976 DVD $9.99 Buy Now
Emerson Lake & Palmer et al Super Summer 0722 w/Free Ind No# Live Tokyo Japan 7/22/72 1DVD $9.99 Buy Now
Emerson Lake & Palmer re Keith Emerson et al /The Best/Japan 1990 Ind No# Live Yokohama 9/26/90 DVD $9.99 Buy Now
Emerson Lake & Palmer re Keith Emerson/Honky bub BLU 19608 Ita only 1LP VG+/NM $15.00 Buy Now
Emerson Lake & Palmer re Nice/Country Pie Belongs To Me Ind No# Live Fillmore West SF 12/12/69 1CD $11.99 Buy Now
Emerson Lake & Palmer re Nice/Five Bridges Mer SR 61295 VG++/NM $7.95 Buy Now
Eno Brian Fripp/Air Structures Imp 206/paris 5/28/75 2LP NM/NM $30.00 Buy Now
Eno Brian Music For Films Pold Super 2310 623 UK wobc VG+/NM $15.00 Buy Now
Eno Brian et al Evening Star Pold 2343094 UK NM/NM $25.00 Buy Now
Eno Brian et al No Pussyfooting Isl HELP 16 UK Orig GF NM/NM $40.00 Buy Now
Eno Brian et al The Musis In The Gloom Ind No# UK 10/11/77+8/26/76+11/22/77 2CD $14.99 Buy Now
Epsilon et al Krautrock V.6 w/Can+Kraan+Jane+Eloy+Amon Duul II+Tritonus+Holderlin et al Ind No# Live Videos 1974-2005 1DVD $9.99 Buy Now
Fahey John Live In Hamburg 1978 Ind No# Live Rockpalast Hamburg Germany 3/17/78 1DVD $9.99 Buy Now
Fahey John Requia Van VSD 79259 1LP NM/VG++ $25.00 Buy Now
Family 12" Without Stone Pai P 128801 autograph NM/VG++ $7.95 Buy Now
Family Anyway Rep K 54002 UK deluxe NM/NM $40.00 Buy Now

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