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Artist Title Label & Description Price  
Page Bettie re Bizet/Carmen For Orchestra Aco 610 VG+/VG $40.00 Buy Now
Page Patti Hush Hush Sweet Col CS 9153 VG+/NM $7.95 Buy Now
Palmer Arnold Personal Golf Instr Spo SCI 32 wBk 2LP NM/VG++ $20.00 Buy Now
Pan's People Gotta Dance Ind No# 1970's Troup of UK TV Dancers. Great Outfits and Cheesecake Choreography! 1DVD $9.99 Buy Now
Paris Bobby 7" Dark Continent - Part 1/Dark Continent - Part 2 Mag AO3 NA/VG+ wol $8.00 Buy Now
Paris Bobby 7" Who Needs You/Little Miss Cha CH 631 NA/NM $20.00 Buy Now
Paris Jackie Songs By Wing MGW 60004 wobc VG/VG+ $75.00 Buy Now
Parker Fess Sings About Daniel Boone RCA LPM 2973 1LP NM/NM $15.00 Buy Now
Parker Pat et al Where Would I Be Without You Oli LF 909 VG++/NM $10.00 Buy Now
Parks Michael Lost & Found Ver V6 5079 WLP VG++/NM $10.00 Buy Now
Parton Dolly 7" Happy Happy Birthday/Old Enough to Know Mon 45897 NA/VG++ $10.00 Buy Now
Parton Dolly Captured Career V.1 w/Kenny Rogers+Elton John et al Ind No# Live Oregon 1985+TVapps 2003-2005 2DVD $14.99 Buy Now
Parton Dolly In The Beginning Mon MG 7623 cc Sealed $10.00 Buy Now
Pastor Tony P.S. - Tony Pastor Plays And Sings Shaw Eve SDBR 1031 VG++/VG++ $15.00 Buy Now
Patterson Kellee 7" If It Donít Fit/Be Happy SB SB 45 1041 NA/NM $6.00 Buy Now
Paul & Paula 7" Paper Clown/Patsy Tow T 304 NA/VG++ $10.00 Buy Now
Paul & Paula Hey Paula/Bobby Is The One Phi 40084 WLP 17" NA/VG++ $8.00 Buy Now
Paul Les 10" Hit Makers! Cap H 416 10"LP VG++/NM $40.00 Buy Now
Paul Les 10" New sound V.2 Cap H 286 10"LP VG++/VG+ $20.00 Buy Now
Paul Les 7" Hit Makers Pt.1 Cap EAP 1416 EP VG++/VG++ $10.00 Buy Now
Paul Les 7" New Sound V.2 Cap CCF 286 4-7Ē EP Bx VG/VG+ $6.00 Buy Now
Paul Les 7" New Sound V.2 Cap CCF 286 4-7Ē EP Bx VG+/VG++ $25.00 Buy Now
Paul Les At Home w/ Mary Ford Ind No# Ten TV Episodes DVD $9.99 Buy Now
Paul Les Les Paul & Friends w/David Gilmour+Eddie Van Halen+Waylon Jennings et al Ind No3 Live Brooklyn NY 1988 1DVD $9.99 Buy Now
Paul Les Lover's Luau Col CS 8086 VG++/VG++ $15.00 Buy Now
Paul Les Warm & Wonderful Col CS 8488 6EyeLbl VG+/VG++ $15.00 Buy Now
Paul Les & Mary Ford Les & Mary Cap W 577 1st BlkLbl 1LP VG++/VG++ $20.00 Buy Now
Pavone Rita Rita Pavone RCA PML 10350 Ita NM/VG++ $40.00 Buy Now
Paxton Tom Ain't That News! Ele EKL 298 Gold Lbl 1LP wShrnk NM/VG++ $10.00 Buy Now
Paxton Tom Morning Again Ele EKS 74019 VG++/VG++ $10.00 Buy Now
Paxton Tom Peace Will Come Rep 2096 VG++/NM $10.00 Buy Now
Payne Freda Out Of Payne Comes Love ABC D-901 WLP 1LP VG++/NM $15.00 Buy Now
Pearson Albie Albie Pearson Vib 1501 VPS VG++/VG++ $10.00 Buy Now
Peck Bob Songs That Never Made the Hymnal Jub 2025 NM/NM $30.00 Buy Now
Peels Leon 7" Casual Kiss/Cottonhead Joe Whi 2002 NA/NM $25.00 Buy Now
Peerce Jan Til the End of Time UA UAS 6350 wobc NM/NM $7.95 Buy Now
Perkins Tony From My Heart RCA LPM 1679 VG++/NM $25.00 Buy Now
Perkins Tony On A Rainy Afternoon RCA LPM 1853 VG+/VG+ $20.00 Buy Now
Perkins Tony On A Rainy Afternoon RCA LPM 1853 NM/NM $30.00 Buy Now
Perkins Tony On A Rainy Afternoon RCA LPM 1853 NM/VG++ $25.00 Buy Now
Perkins Tony Tony Perkins Epic LN 3394 VG++/VG+ $20.00 Buy Now
Peter Paul & Mary 7" Oh,Rock My Soul/Pt.2 WB 5442 NA/VG++ $6.00 Buy Now
Peter Paul & Mary In Person 1965 Ind No# BBC In Concert 1965 1DVD $9.99 Buy Now
Peter Paul & Mary et al Smothers Brothers Music Ind No# 8+ Hours!! Of Late 60's Top Rock Acts on TV 3DVD $24.99 Buy Now
Peters Brock Sing'A Man Uni UAL 3041 NM/VG++ $20.00 Buy Now
Petersen Paul Lollipops & Roses Colp SCP 429 VG++/VG++ $50.00 Buy Now
Petersen Paul My Dad Col SCP 442 VG+/VG+ $25.00 Buy Now
Peterson Ray Missing You Uni 73078 Stereo coh VG++/NM $10.00 Buy Now
Petites 7" Marguerite/Blessed Are They Spi HM 6003 NA/VG+ $8.00 Buy Now
Phillips Esther 7" Am I That Easy To Forget/I Really Don't Want To Know Lern NX-5560 NA/NM $8.00 Buy Now
Phillips Esther 7" I've Never Found A Man/Cherry Red Kud 910 NA/NM $6.00 Buy Now
Phillips Esther 7" Release Me Len NX 5555 NA/NM $15.00 Buy Now
Phillips Esther 7" Release Me/Donít Feel Len NX 5555 NA/VG++ $12.00 Buy Now
Phillips Esther 7" Shangri La/And I Love Him Atl A 452281 NA/VG++ $7.95 Buy Now
Phillips Esther 7" Some Things You Never Get Used To/Half A Heart Atl 2265 NA/NM $10.00 Buy Now
Phillips Esther And I Love Him Atl SD 8102 VG++/VG++ $30.00 Buy Now
Phillips Esther Esther Phillips Pow PO 288 NM/NM $15.00 Buy Now
Phillips Esther Performance Kudu 18 VG++/VG++ $15.00 Buy Now
Phillips Esther Release Me Len LX 227 wobc VG++/VG++ $40.00 Buy Now
Piazza Marguerite Memorable Moments of Music Cor CRL 757271 VG++/VG+ $7.95 Buy Now
Piazza Marguerite Memorable Moments of Music Cor CRL 757271 VG++/VG++ $10.00 Buy Now
Pickettywitch Pickettywitch Jan JLS 3015 VG/VG++ $12.00 Buy Now
Pilot et al Supersonic Pop Show V.1-3 w/Sweet+ELO+Slade+Roxy Music et al Ind No# Live TVapps 11/74-12/75 3DVD $24.99 Buy Now
Piscopo Joe & Eddie Murphy 12" Honeymooners Rap Col 4405224 VG+/NM $7.95 Buy Now
Pitney Gene 7" Mecca/Teardrop By Mus MU 1028 VG++/VG $7.00 Buy Now
Pitney Gene 7" Who Needs It/That Mus MU 1036 VG+/VG++ $10.00 Buy Now
Pitney Gene Greatest Hits Of Mus MS 3174 1LP NM/NM $10.00 Buy Now
Pitney Gene Many Sides of Mus MM 2001 VG++/VG++ $15.00 Buy Now
Pitney Gene Story Mus M2S 3148 2LP soc VG+/NM $15.00 Buy Now
Pitney Gene Town Without Pity Mus MDS 1005 woc VG+/VG++ $10.00 Buy Now
Platters re Tony Williams/Magic Touch of Phi PHS 600051 NM/NM $30.00 Buy Now
Playmates 7" Little Miss Stuck-Up/Real Life Rou R 4322 WLP NA/VG++ wol $8.00 Buy Now
Playmates 7" Rose and a Star/Bachelor Flat Rou R 4417 WLP NA/NM wol $8.00 Buy Now
Playmates 7" Wait for Me/Eyes of Angel Rou R 4276 WLP NA/VG+ sol $6.00 Buy Now
Pockriss Lee Ernest In Love Col OL 5530 VG+/NM $15.00 Buy Now
Pockriss Lee Ernest In Love Col OL 5530 VG++/VG++ $10.00 Buy Now
Poitier Sidney Reads Poetry of the Black Man UA UAS 6693 1LP cc NM/VG++ $15.00 Buy Now
Poitier Sidney et al Porgy & Bess Col OL 5410 NM/VG++ $10.00 Buy Now
Polnareff Michel French TV 1972 Ind No# 1972 TV Documentary Incl Intrvw+Concert Footage 1DVD $9.99 Buy Now
Polnareff Michel French TV 1973 Ind No# Samedi Soir+French Video Clips 1DVD $9.99 Buy Now
Polnareff Michel Miscellaneous Clips Ind No# French TV Collection 1960's-80's 1DVD $9.99 Buy Now
Poole Billie 7" Jet/I Heart The News Riv 4539 NA/VG++ slt dsh wrp $8.00 Buy Now
Poppy Family TV Performances Ind No# TVapps 1DVD $9.99 Buy Now
Porter Cole 7" Hilda & Hockridge/Can Can Par MGEP 8607 EP VG++/VG+ $12.00 Buy Now
Porter Cole et al Musical World of MGM E3843 1LP VG+/VG++ $10.00 Buy Now
Posey Sandy 7" Single Girl/Blue Is MGM 61142 Ger NM/VG $10.00 Buy Now
Posey Sandy 7" Single Girl/Blue Is MGM K 13612 VG++/NA SlvOnly $6.00 Buy Now
Poston Tom et al Best Of Burlesque MGM E 3644 VG++/VG++ $25.00 Buy Now
Powell Ginnie Teen Rock/Boyd Raeburn Col CL 1073 VG+/VG+ $10.00 Buy Now
Powell Jane et al Royal Wedding/Seven Brides MGM E 3235 VG+/VG+ $15.00 Buy Now
Powell Jane et al Ruggles of Red Gap Ver MGV 15000 VG/VG++ $20.00 Buy Now
Powell Jane et al Ruggles of Red Gap Ver MGV 15000 VG++/VG++ $25.00 Buy Now
Presley Elvis re Mann/Ballads Of The King Lib LST 7198 NM/VG+ $7.95 Buy Now
Preston Robert et al Ben Franklin In Paris Cap SVAS 2191 NM/NM $15.00 Buy Now
Price Ray Christmas Album Col CS 9861 VG++/NM $7.95 Buy Now
Price Ruth My Name Is Ruth Price I Sing Kapp KL 1006 VG+/NM $150.00 Buy Now
Price Vincent Darling Of The Day RCA LSO 1149 1LP VG++/NM $20.00 Buy Now
Priestly J.B. Informal Hour With Wes 716 cc VG++/NM $15.00 Buy Now
Prima Louis Casbar w/Gia Maione Pri PS 3001 Cdn NM/VG+ $10.00 Buy Now
Prima Louis The Cheif+Ed Sullivan Years Ind No# Documentary+TVapps 1DVD $9.99 Buy Now

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