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Artist Title Label & Description Price  
Gabriel & The Angels 7" Don't Wanna Twist No More/That's Life (That's Tough) Swan 4118 NA/NM $15.00 Buy Now
Gabriel Peter (4th) Deusches Album Char 6302221 Ger NM/NM $12.00 Buy Now
Gabriel Peter 12" I Don't Remember Char CEP 303 Cdn VG+/NM $7.95 Buy Now
Gabriel Peter 12" Red Rain/same Gef PROA 2527 PromoOnly NM/NM $7.95 Buy Now
Gabriel Peter 2nd Char 9124025 Ita GF VG+/VG+ $20.00 Buy Now
Gabriel Peter 2nd Char 9124025 Ita GF NM/VG++ $25.00 Buy Now
Gabriel Peter 3rd) German Lang.LP Char 6302035 Ger VG++/NM $7.95 Buy Now
Gabriel Peter Ashcombe Works Ind No# OutsReh 80 CD $11.99 Buy Now
Gabriel Peter Games Without Words Ind GAME 1 NM/NM $15.00 Buy Now
Gabriel Peter Hold The Line Ind No# SF 4/2/77+NJ 86 CD $11.99 Buy Now
Gabriel Peter Lost Souls (Rarities III Ind No# Rarities CD $11.99 Buy Now
Gabriel Peter Post Script (Rarities I Ind No# Rarities CD $11.99 Buy Now
Gabriel Peter PoV Ind No# Live Athens Greece 10/5/87 DVD $9.99 Buy Now
Gabriel Peter Rarities Ind No# AltsLiveRemixes 2CD $14.99 Buy Now
Gabriel Peter Soundfruit (Rarities II Ind No# Rarities CD $11.99 Buy Now
Gabriel Peter Still Growing Up Ind No# Live Lisboa Rio de Janeiro 6/29/2004Bonus 1998-2004 1DVD $9.99 Buy Now
Gabriel Peter Then And Now Ind No# Live Essen Germany 9/15/78 + Munich Germany 8/31/2002 DVD $9.99 Buy Now
Gabriel Peter Warms Up In Paris Ind No# Paris France 10/24/2002 CD $11.99 Buy Now
Gabriel Peter Whiter Shade Of Pale Ind No# Live 77-78 2CD $14.99 Buy Now
Gaddy Bob 7" I Love My Baby/Operator Old 1162 NA/NM $8.00 Buy Now
Gallagher Rory Behind The Blues Ind No# Live Beat Club Germany 71+London UK 4/9/72+Don Kirschner'74+Montreux 85 DVD $9.99 Buy Now
Gallagher Rory Bottle Of Gin Ind No# UK 3/17/74 CD $11.99 Buy Now
Gallagher Rory Brute Force And Bullfrogs Ind No# Live Bottom Line NY 11/11/78 3CD $24.99 Buy Now
Gallagher Rory Calling Card Chr CHR 1124 VG++/NM $10.00 Buy Now
Gallagher Rory Calling Hard Ind No# UK 6/77+5/79 2CD $14.99 Buy Now
Gallagher Rory Celtic Blues Explorer Ind No# Live Cork Ireland 1990 1CD $11.99 Buy Now
Gallagher Rory Complete Rockpalast Collection Ind No# Live Germany Cologne 76+Essen 77+Wiesbaden 79+Loreley 82+Cologne 90 3DVD $24.99 Buy Now
Gallagher Rory Denim & A Strat Ind No# My Father's Place Roslyn NY 9/3/74 CD $11.99 Buy Now
Gallagher Rory Devil Made Me Do It Ind No# Live Loreley Germany 8/28/82 + Montreux 2CD $14.99 Buy Now
Gallagher Rory European Tour 1975-1976 Ind No# Live Madrid Spain 3/7/75+Cologne Germany 10/6/76 2DVD $14.99 Buy Now
Gallagher Rory Interceltic Festival Ind no# Live Lorient France 10/20/94 DVD $9.99 Buy Now
Gallagher Rory Kansas City Cradle Rock Ind No# Live Kansas City MO 8/74 2CD 2CD $14.99 Buy Now
Gallagher Rory Karussell Special Ind No# Live Zurich Switzerland 8/29/80 1DVD $9.99 Buy Now
Gallagher Rory L.A. Moonchild Ind No# Live LA Ca 11/18/76 2CD $14.99 Buy Now
Gallagher Rory Live At The Venue Ind No# Venue London 9/20/79 CD $11.99 Buy Now
Gallagher Rory Live In Cork Ind No# Cork UK 1990 CD $11.99 Buy Now
Gallagher Rory Maifestspiele Ind No# Live Wiesbaden Germany 6/579 DVD $9.99 Buy Now
Gallagher Rory Old Grey Whistle Test Birthday Concert Ind No# Live OGWT Shepherd's Bush 3/2/76+Baden Germany 9/5/90 DVD $9.99 Buy Now
Gallagher Rory Open Air Festival Loreley Ind No# Live Loreley Germany 8/28/82 1DVD $9.99 Buy Now
Gallagher Rory Pistol Slapper Blues Ind No# London UK 1/29/77 DVD $9.99 Buy Now
Gallagher Rory Rock Life with Jack Bruce Ind No# Cologne Germany 10/17/90 2CD $14.99 Buy Now
Gallagher Rory Rockpalast Ind No# Live In Studio Cologne France 1976 2DVD $14.99 Buy Now
Gallagher Rory Slapper Boogie Ind No# Germany 10/16/76 2CD $14.99 Buy Now
Gallagher Rory Taste So Good! Video Anthology 1969-1975 Ind No# Live Belgium 8/22/69+Paris France 4/20/71+UK OGWT 1973+Madrid Spain 3/7/75 1DVD $9.99 Buy Now
Gallagher Rory Tattoo'd Lady - Live In Cork Ind No# Live Cork Ireland 11/4/87 1DVD $9.99 Buy Now
Gallagher Rory et al Taste/London Invasion Ind No# BBC 68-69 CD $11.99 Buy Now
Gallagher Rory re Taste/Same Old Story Ind No# Live Basel Switzerland 2/17/70 2CD $14.99 Buy Now
Galore Mamie 7" Special Agent 43-24-38/I Wanna Be Your Radio St L 1004 NA/NM $8.00 Buy Now
Gamble Jim 7" It's Hard to Explain/Pt 2 Kris K 8106 NA/NM $10.00 Buy Now
Game Long Hot Summer Evo 3008 coh NM/NM $12.00 Buy Now
Gang of Four 12" Another Day WB MINI 3646 VG+/VG+ $4.95 Buy Now
Gang of Four History Of Damaged Goods Ind No# Rockpalast Germany 3/10/83 + Bonus Live 80-82 DVD $9.99 Buy Now
Gang of Four History Of Damaged Goods Ind No# Live Rockpalast Germany 1983+Various 80-82 DVD $9.99 Buy Now
Gang of Four Second Chance Ind No# Live Ann Arbor MI 1981 CD $11.99 Buy Now
Gap Band Live In Houston Ind No# Live Texas 1981 DVD $9.99 Buy Now
Garbage In The Can Ind No# Live 95 CD $11.99 Buy Now
Garbage Rockpalast 2005 Ind No# Live Koln Germany 3/4/05 DVD $9.99 Buy Now
Garbage Trash & Burn Ind No# Loreley Fest 6/20/98 CD $11.99 Buy Now
Gardner Don 7" Bitter With The Sweet/I Don't Know What I'm Gonna Do Jub 5484 NA/NM $10.00 Buy Now
Gardner Don 7" I Really Love You Baby/Talking About You Jub 5482 NA/NM $8.00 Buy Now
Gardner Don 7" Let's Party/There's Nothing I Want To Do Tnt TNT 500 NA/NM $10.00 Buy Now
Gardner Don & Dee 7" Don't You Worry/Coming Home Fire 513 NA/VG+ $7.95 Buy Now
Gardner Don & Dee 7" Lead Me On/T.C.B. (Taking Care Of Business Fire 517 NA/NM $15.00 Buy Now
Gardner Don & Dee 7" Shake A Leg, Baby/People Sho Act Funny Red FF-6501 NA/NM $25.00 Buy Now
Gardner Fred Love Shortage Lea LIO 12 Priv 1LP VG+/NM $12.00 Buy Now
Garland Jimmy 7" You Made A Promise/Baby, One More Time Fes 702 NA/NM $20.00 Buy Now
Garrett Jo Ann 7" Just Say When/Thousand Miles Away Che 2031 NA/NM $10.00 Buy Now
Garrett Jo Ann 7" The Rock/(Charlie Brother) We Got To Love One Another/Don't Abuse Your Faithful Love Sco 101 NA/VG++ $10.00 Buy Now
Garson Eddie 7" I Was Feelin' Low/After Weddin' Horn Honkin' Blues Mr.P 124 WLP NA/NM $15.00 Buy Now
Gary Allison & The Burners 7" Darling/Burn Royo 701 NA/NM $15.00 Buy Now
Gary Gary 7" Bustin' Loose/A Time To Live & Love Vee 434 NA/NM $15.00 Buy Now
Gatton Danny et al Jack & The Degenertes/Take It Away Danny Ind No# Live NY 12/26/89 2CD $14.99 Buy Now
Gaudet Dee-Dee 7" Where's The Law/Them Doggone Lonesome Blues Dod 805 NA/NM $12.00 Buy Now
Gault Joanna Watch Me RCA LSP 4081 VG+/VG++ $25.00 Buy Now
Gaye Marvin 7" Baby Don't/Walk On The Wild Tam 54101 NA/VG+ $6.00 Buy Now
Gaye Marvin 7" Change What You Can/You Tam T 54160 NA/VG+ $6.00 Buy Now
Gaye Marvin 7" I Want You/ What Good Am I Tam T 54104 NA/VG+ $6.00 Buy Now
Gaye Marvin 7" If This World Were Mine/If Tam T 54161 Cdn NA/VG++ wol $5.00 Buy Now
Gaye Marvin 7" Once Upon/What's The Matter With You Mot 1057 NA/VG+ $7.00 Buy Now
Gaye Marvin 7" Pretty Little/Now That You've Won Tam 54117 NA/VG+ dh $7.00 Buy Now
Gaye Marvin 7" You're A Wonderful/When I'm Alone Tam T 54093 NA/VG+ dh $7.00 Buy Now
Gaye Marvin Best Of Live Ind No# Holland 1978 DVD $9.99 Buy Now
Gaye Marvin Damn Your Eyes My Dear Ind No# Live Indianapolis 1983 CD $11.99 Buy Now
Gaye Marvin et al Best Of Hy Lit Show 67-70 w/Otis Redding+Delfonics+Chambers Brothers+Jerry Butler+Tammi Terrell+Four Tops et al Ind No# Philadelphia TV 1967-1970 1DVD $9.99 Buy Now
Gaye Marvin et al Hullabaloo V.1-12 (commplete) w/Smokey Robinson+Martha Reeves+Supremes+Kim Weston+Jr. Walker+Chuck Berry+Impressions et al Ind No# 1965-66 Over 120 Musical Segments 6DVD $50.00 Buy Now
Gaye Marvin et al Shindig w/Sylvie Vartan+Chuck Berry+Donna Loren+Lesley Gore+Martha Reeves et al Ind No# Two TV Shows 3/31/65+4/7/65 1DVD $9.99 Buy Now
Gaye Marvin et al TAMI Show Ind No# Live Santa Monica CA 1964 DVD $9.99 Buy Now
Gee Ricky 7" Misery Loves Company/I Will Get You There Con 1143 NA/NM $10.00 Buy Now
Geils J Band Germany 1979 INd No# Live Rockpalast Germany 4/21/79 1DVD $9.99 Buy Now
Geils J Band Love Stinks Nau NR 25 1LP NM/VG++ $20.00 Buy Now
Gems 7" That's What They Put Erasers On Pencils For/A Love Of Mine Che 1882 NA/NM $20.00 Buy Now
Generation X 7" Wild Youth/Wild Dub Chr CHS 2198 NM/NM $10.00 Buy Now
Generation X et al D.O.A. A Right Of Passage Ind No# Punk Documentary DVD $9.99 Buy Now
Genesis 12" Spot the Pigeon Atl EP 1800 Cdn BluVnl VG++/NM $10.00 Buy Now
Genesis All The Help I Can Get w/Peter Gabriel Ind No# Live Rehearsal UK 9/29/82 w/Peter 2CD $14.99 Buy Now
Genesis As Through The Emerald City Ind Live At The Shrine Auditorium 1975 US Tour InsCvr 1LP toc VG+/NM $25.00 Buy Now
Genesis Awed Man Out TAK 1975 UK Tour Ins Cvr 1LP VG+/VG++ $25.00 Buy Now
Genesis BBC Sessions 70-72 Ind No# Live Broadcasts UK CD $11.99 Buy Now
Genesis Bedside Yellow Foam Ind Lus Cvr 1LP IusCvr VG+/NM $20.00 Buy Now
Genesis Best From European TV Ind No# Live Belgium Paris Italy 72-74 DVD $9.99 Buy Now

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