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Artist Title Label & Description Price  
Adler Larry A Study In High Fidelity Sound Aud AFSD 5916 NM/VG++ $10.00 Buy Now
Black Alan Harmonica Hi-Lites ABC ABC 173 VG++/VG++ $15.00 Buy Now
Diamond Leo Harmonica Magic RCA LPM 1042 ArtCvr VG++/NM $10.00 Buy Now
Harmonicats Cat's Meow Mer MG 20136 VG++/VG++ $20.00 Buy Now
Harmonicats Cherry Pink & Apple Blossom White Col CS 8356 NM/NM $10.00 Buy Now
Harmonicats Dolls Dolls Dolls Mer SR 60008 VG++/VG++ $10.00 Buy Now
Harmonicats In the Land of Hi-Fi Mer SR 60028 VG++/NM $10.00 Buy Now
Harmonicats Sentimental Serenade Col CS 8557 NM/VG++ $7.95 Buy Now
La Padula Johnny Melodies For Midnight Dis WDL 3029 VG++/VG++ $10.00 Buy Now
Little Sonny New King Of the Blues Harmonic Ent ENS 1005 Sealed $40.00 Buy Now
Musselwhite Charlie Memphis Tennessee Par PAS 5012 bb VG++/VG++ $7.95 Buy Now
Musselwhite Charlie Stand Back! Van VSD 79232 NM/NM $20.00 Buy Now
Polyphonics Zounds! What Sounds See CELP 448 VG++/VG+ $10.00 Buy Now
Puleo Johnny His Harmonica Gang Aud AFSD 1830 VG++/VG+ $7.95 Buy Now
Three Suns Midnight For Two RCA LPM 1333 NM/NM $15.00 Buy Now

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