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Tips for Better Searching
  1. Keep it simple. You can usually find what you want by entering a last name or a few words from a title or a band name. By default, the search will scan for Artist and Title, returning all items that match every keyword you entere d. Add more keywords if your search returns too many items.
  2. You can search in the Label and Description fields by checking their box on the form. Information in these fields uses special codes so you will need to check the Abbreviations List to know what to search for.
  3. Use Search Options to change the behavior of the search:
    • Match Any broadens your searches by finding items that have any of your keywords (but not necessarily all of them).
    • Match Substrings will broaden the search by matching on parts of words rather than whole words. (bug will match bug, bugs, bigbuggle, etc.)
    • Exact Match will narrow your search by matching the entire keyword field exactly as you entered it. (big dance party will not match big crazy dance party but it will match my big dance party)
    • Putting quotation marks around words you enter has the effect of demanding an exact match. ("Led Zeppelin" "Belly Dance" will not match Led Belly -- or Leadbelly for that matter!)
    • Sort Order changes the display of the search results; they will be alphabetized according to the fields you select.
More help is available in Saturn's Guide to Searching for Records on our Site for:
  • Compound Searches
  • Highly Specific Searches
  • Searching For A Single Artist
  • Searching For An Album Or Song Title
  • Searching For A Specific Label Or Labels
  • Searching For Distinguishing Characteristics
    (Such As Quads, Picture Discs, Sealed Items, Etc.)
  • Searching For Classical Items

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